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Where your Council Tax is spent - Educating Essex

By Essex Council Tax

Educating Essex Council Tax

It’s natural to question how your Council Tax is spent. Once collected the money is split between Essex County Council, your district or borough council, and public services such as Essex Fire and Rescue.

There are nine key areas that Essex County Council spend your money on. Around £645 million (36%) of the council’s gross expenditure on services will be spent on funding education within Essex this year.

As the new school year starts, parents across the county will be getting back into the school-run routine. Some will even be waving goodbye to their children for the first time. Every parent wants to give their child the very best start in life and education, and through paying your council tax you do just that.

Success in Essex

Every year the council spends millions supporting pupils throughout the county. More than nine in ten pupils in Essex now attend a highly rated school. The latest statistics, released in August of this year, show that in 2016 91.2 per cent of all pupils in Essex attend a school rated as either ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, compared to 71 per cent in 2013. The stats are particularly prevalent within Essex’s secondary schools, where 95 per cent of pupils now attend a highly rated school – far above the national average of 80 per cent.

A Growing Issue

As the county grows, we will be faced with ever-increasing need for further school places throughout Essex. It is only through your Council Tax contributions that we can meet demand and maintain these high standards across the county. By collecting Council Tax, we can increase capacity, create further places where needed and invest in provision for those with special education needs.

Investing in the Future

The council is committed to maintaining and building on the success of this years’ stats by making continued investment in schools in the future, helping the majority of pupils to achieve a place at one of their parents’ preferred choices. Ahead of the 2016/17 academic year, the Council has spent £36 million, which has in turn created 2,415 extra primary school places in Essex. In order to meet demand about £360 million will be spent over the next three years, creating thousands more school places for prospective pupils.

Unfortunately, millions of pounds in public money is lost every year through people failing to update their Council Tax details. This is money that could be put towards further improving schools within the county and meeting the increasing demand for new places. If you think you might need to update your details, or have any questions surrounding your Council Tax, contact your local authority or email

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